Meet Judge Frimpong

Meet Judge Frimpong

When I enter the courtroom in the morning, and stand to face the flag, I am reminded of my duty to seek liberty and justice for all every day in every case.

After receiving her bachelor’s degree from Harvard and her law degree from Yale, Judge Frimpong began her legal career in a clerkship with a judge on the federal court of appeals. She then worked at an international law firm before moving to Washington, DC, where she served in the Justice Department, eventually taking on roles under Attorney General Eric Holder and Associate Attorney General Tony West in the administration of President Barack Obama. She has practiced in numerous areas of the law, including white-collar crime, immigration, civil rights, environmental protection, and consumer protection. As a judge on the Los Angeles County Superior Court, she has presided over a misdemeanor criminal trial courtroom, in addition to handling a variety of civil trials. In her time on the bench, she has earned the esteem of her colleagues and the regard of the leadership of her court.

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Judge Frimpong's Values

Tough, Compassionate, and Fair

Judge Frimpong upholds a high standard for everyone in her courtroom. At the same time, she is compassionate and fair to all, treating everyone with dignity and respect.

Committed to Ethics and Integrity

Judge Frimpong holds herself to the highest standards of ethics and honesty.

Dedicated to Public Service

Throughout her legal career, Judge Frimpong has been dedicated to public service.

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